Do you still have your Home Study Binders?

Those green binders are sitting somewhere in your office -  hopefully right on your desk for frequent use!  


The Industry has changed and so has Home Study!

PLTI recently conducted a complete revision of the Home Study program and it is now called “Fundamentals of Real Estate and Land Title Insurance”.  The program has been completely updated and is now delivered on CD-ROMs. Each section (CD) of this course of study includes:

  • Revised educational content authored by title industry experts;
  • Bullet point summaries after each chapter;
  • Interactive quizzes after each chapter;
  • Glossary of title and real estate terms in each Section


An Indispensable Reference

For a limited time PLTI is offering its loyal students an exclusive opportunity to upgrade their Homestudy binders to the new Fundamentals CDs. No matter when you purchased Home Study, you are eligible to upgrade to the new CDs. (even if you don't have the original Home Study you can still purchase Fundamentals as a desk referenceGet all three sections on CD for just $99.  Need more information - Call PLTI at 610-265-5980 or contact us.


Get Credits Again

Did you know that if more than 24 months have passed since you last received credits for Fundamentals (or Home Study) you can get credits again?  Just use the downloadable form and select the option for credits.  Each Section is worth 15 CE credits and only costs $150.


Not sure what the program is all about?

Written by title industry experts, Home Study was created in 1978 to increase professionalism in the industry. Over the ensuing years the material has been continuously updated with corresponding changes to the law and industry practices.

Over 1000 title insurance professionals have taken the Home Study and Fundamentals courses to learn more about their profession and prepare for the Pennsylvania Title Insurance Exam

The Fundamentals course is broken into 3 sections – click here to see an outlineBuy a copy of this one-of-a-kind resource for you or your office.